Wednesday, May 30, 2007

True gigants or joke?

I'm interested in "paranormal" stories and wrote about it many times. But today I found these photos on this page and the story says this is a true sceletron of a true person.

Do you believe in it?
Have you ever read something about cases like this?
I know this blog read persons from India, pls, tell us if this story is true.

Sincerely I don't believe in it. So as I don't believe in this other story about the gigant boar. And the 11-years boy that kill him.
"Experts say the picture appears to be genuine" read here


  1. I find that with most of these things, is a great resource to prove or disprove these legends. In fact, here are the two articles:


  2. Yeah its true i read it in Holy Bible. İ read Bible in Russian so you translate Книга бытие 6: 4. And İ think its true story.


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