Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sochi today

I was very pleased to pass 2 weeks in Sochi this year. This city had always something special, but now is realy beautyful.

People g0 to Sochi for beaches and sea first of all
This is central beach "Majak" where you can never find place to put your foot

You can walk comfortably to your preferite place now, there are real streets to reach the sea. But not only. "Majak" is a real commercial center with all sorts of shops.

This is an other beach, under the park "Riviera"

You can find people near the sea at any time, in the night too...

Park "Riviera" is full of attractions and interesting plants. Thousands of persons in the center and quiet nice places in the side paths.

Central streets are repaired, with a sea of flowers and trees

and......... yes, here too. My nephew says it's more expensive then in Moscow...

This (blue) is one of the restaurants. Sochi has not nighttime. You come there not to sleep but to enjoy life. And to spend money...

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