Monday, February 01, 2010

The Miracle Of Healthy Birth

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One of my preferite TV channels is Discovery. It is possible to find many interesting videos about all branches of science, I think. One of them is about the illnesses the human body can suffer. If you follow "My shoking story" and other similar documentaries, you know what I'm speaking about. If you don't know, visit this page of Discovery.

Some of you will say, it's not good I tell about it in my blog. I want you understand me. I don't enjoy looking the sufferings of these persons. I only am surprized, how fragile our health, our life is. We do not understand often how fortunate we are to be "normal". Sincerely, sometimes I can't understand HOW is it possible that some of us can born healthy.

What I like in Italy is that the invalids are not closed in the houses here. The parents of ill persons are not afraid to take their children with them for a walk or in the restaurants or in other places. I was shoked when I heard "My children have not to see these monsters!" once in the street.

And now one good notice. I found Discovery channel in YouTube. Here it is: Discovery YouTube


  1. I am glad to hear about how Italy treats invalid.

  2. There are many problems here too. But this fact that they go for a walk with their children etc. tells just much about the culture of the country.

  3. I also like the Discovery channel. But not Discovery, and Discovery Civilization, Discovery History, etc

  4. From time to time they offer interesting information and themes to think about.

  5. Liudmila, share the same feeling but over here it is also a taboo to have such children. No support group n u r left 2 fend 4 yourself. Very sad.

  6. You know, Thomas, when I was young, it was a shame to have such children in our country too. The persons thought, the parents made something very bad to have the child with the mutations. For example, one of the parents has a bad illness or is alooholic etc, they sad.

    From my personal point of view, I would NOT make these poor persons (children) suffer. I would allow them to die when the Nature wants. As for me, it's a sinn to interfere in the intentions of God/Nature. And I would not like to live in such conditions too.


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