Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rearranging The House: Throw Everything You Don't Use

Делаем уборку :)
«Делаем уборку :)» на Яндекс.Фотках

This year will be cleaner than 2009!!! Promise! I'm tired to collect and collect and collect the things!
This was the motto I pronounced after opening the wardrobe where you can find everything. Probably the clothes of our christenings too.

Did you notice this peculiarity: you free the box, the cupboard, the wardrobe -and you find it full a month or two after that? From other side, -I don't know how it is for you- I'm similar to a hamster or a squirrel. I never throw anything. "It is good, I say, it's not broken. Maybe I will need it once." Clothes, books, different objects. I know, I will never use them but I put them "in a safe place" because I could need them.

It seems, this is not only my problem. Imagine, there are persons, professionals of the house organizing. (What have those persons in their houses to need a professional house organizer???) Once I read an advise of them: you have to throw every cloth you don't use for more than one year. I had the courage and cleaned my wardrobe and bookshelves. I wanted to give these clothes and books to the persons that could need these all. But nobody wanted them. And I had to throw all that books...

It was a tragedy for me, you know. I have not this education to throw the books. But nobody wanted them.

Now I think, I have not to buy things and specially books that I need only to use them one time. If I organize everything good this year, I will not need it next time...

9 марта....Праздник кончился....
«9 марта....Праздник кончился....» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. I think that is the same story for everyone! We have just cleared our kitchen cupboards of crockery, and taken it all to the charity shop. I think our clothes must be next :)

  2. :0))) I think, I have to begin with every corner. I have the habit to put everything in the corners.

    You are fortunate to have carity shops there. It's good thing to make the soul happy about parting.

  3. This is the same story here! I see some women here like to collect things especially crockery; they just store it!

  4. So, we can state the fact: all the world is the same village. There is not difference from England till Malaysia. :0)

  5. Glad 2 know that I am no exceptional. But over here, most of the still usable unwanted things have ready takers, the charities or individuals. Similarly as age catches up I am repacking my "spiritual and emotional" baggage, 2.

  6. :0)))
    You can see we have representants from all parts of the world here. Humans are all equal...


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