Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Began To Believe In Horoscopes

All my life I was interested in "paranormal" thingsand had many battles with the persons that do not believe in them. I wrote different times in this blog about ghosts, legends, forecasts etc. It's interesting. Everybody of us knows that something this exists. We feel and see, we hear it. But most of us do not believe own eyes. Even the science confesses that something is in the area. :-) Something that they can't understand, prove, but the instruments show the existence of this something.

So, I believe in ghosts, in spirits. If we see only 8% of the possible range, other 92% HAVE to exist even if our eyes are not able to see it, no?

From other side, I do not remember what I did in the belly of my mother. But it does not prove, I did not was there. Or I'm not right?

Said this, I have to confess, I've never believed in horoscopes.
I learnd much enough about the semiprecious stones, and know, all the "definitions" about the corrispondance between stones and Zodiac are somethng invented and arranged to tell the same things in all the world and to sell the stones well. Before this agreement between the jewellers every vendor and healer said an other thing about horoscope and this was not good for their incomes. As said, I was just sceptic about it and knowing this made me completely contrary all the "Zodiac"-talks.

A year ago I read the Chinese (or similar) horoscope for that year. It was said, the year was very bad for me. It was the year of Ox, and I was born in the year of Ox, and it was the bad combination for me. In fact, 2009 was too bad and too tragic. My Chinese friend will surely say, it was the time to finish the old period and to begin "new life". I can really see the events of the last year as finishing that part of my life.

In January I read about this new Chinese year, Tiger will be excellent for me. Maybe it's because I adore these animal. What is interesting, I really feel that I begin a new period. What was too difficult for me before seems to be easy. What I want to say, I began to believe in Horoscopes. In Chinese Horoscopes at least.

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