Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain Does Not Leave Us

I was too busy in the last period and had not time to write in this blog, so this post is about the weather. ;-))) You will understand from the photos, it's the main theme in our lives till today.

You are just tired to read about rain. But it's the sad fact of reality: it rains here without stop for months, from september, and there was never so much rain as from November 2008 till today. It rains, rains and rains.

I was in Salerno some days ago, and it was a sunny day there. Well, not tooooo sunny, a few drops fall on the town, but generally the day was very beautiful. I closed our museum at 13:00 and went home. My husband had to finish his work at 14:00, and he said, he will pick me up. I had one hour to walk in the direction of our home. You know, I like walking. Specially with this nice spring sun, such pastime is a simple marvel of the existance.

I walked slowly and enjoyed the sun on my skin. Just near Vietri I rose my head and opend my eyes... On the photo is what I've seen in that moment.


There was this "feather blanket" over the mountains. And it moved!!!!

I opend my eyes and my mouth and looked at it astonished. I had not raincoat neither umbrella. And my road passed just in the middle of this monster. I did not know what to do but decided to continue till Vietri and to conceal myself in a bar there.

I was fortunate this day. Those terrible clouds went away till I came in the zone where they were. So, I could continue to walk. Imagine how happy I was.

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