Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Against GM Foods

European parlament had to be like all other parlaments an institutio n to protect European citizens from the bad sides of the life (among many other tasks). In the time hat passes we see that it is to protect the riches and to make them more and more rich killing all us that vote that parlament.

I just wrote about my personal tragedy with all not natural, industrial foods. I do not digest industrial additives to the foods and have eternal problems with digestion. Nothing to do, says the physician, be attentive of what you eat and avoid foods you do not digest. Even in this moment when I write these words I feel bad. For 3 or 4 days I can't clean my body from something I ate. I assure you it's very bad feeling and I do not know WHAT was it this time.

The problem is that ALL the products we eat today have something bad inside.

We have a garden and grow fruits, and we know, it's unpossible to have even one normal cherry without using pesticides today. The old persons say, it was not so years ago. There were not so many different illnesses and harmful insects etc. Probably, modern hybrids of the plants are not so resistent as the plants produced by natural selection.

Now, pesticides are not enough more. They need an other enemy. The European parlament allowed the cultivation of the GM plants.

My friends sent me a petition against this decision of the European parlament fo sign. They need million signs to send this petition to the parlament. If you want to partecipate, you can open this site (there are many languages there)

Or you can look at the main page to choose your language
that it

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