Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Community Populated by Mediums

Are you surprised?
Ha! There are many of them all over the world.
Entire villages, entire communities, as said.

Many many years ago, about 20, not last month as the fable tells, I visited Italy as a tourist. My friends wanted to show me all the interesting plases possible and we went to a feast of a village I do not remember where it was. The feast began in the evening. It was a very little medieval village with it's narrow streets. All the population of it had to be Mediums.

To be honest, most of the performances we've seen that evening were only games in medieval society. But near one of the little shops I saw a tall and very lean man with enormous black eyes. That man sorted me with his look among all the visitors of the shop and began to speak with me. He was too frightful, and I did not understand good enough Italian else. I was frightened. He insisted. Come here, I have to speak with you! I run away. In the same moment I regreted it. But I could not near him.

Who knows, maybe I could avoid great sufferings and many errors if I would speak with him. But I did not.

The other case when I knew about a Mediums village was not so far ago. I was in our museum when some women come. They listened to Pietro and wanted to sit and to rest a little. When they wanted to go away they told me they come from a community of the witches situating not far from Benevento. My god! If I knew about it before, I would ask them to tell me about it! It's so interesting!
We were numerous in the museum that day but the women wanted to tell it only to me. I attract Mediums. :-)))

Today I attracted Mediums too.
I received a mail with a link to a VERY interesting video -here is the link

Here is what they write to me:
We are working with HBO on their upcoming documentary “No One Dies in Lily Dale”. It is the fascinating story of a small community in Upstate New York populated by Mediums. It will air on HBO on July 5th.
This is a part of the article about the documentary.
I'm really very sorry that I canot watch it.

Since 1879, Lily Dale’s residents have thrown open their doors to the outside world, allowing visitors to “meet” and “speak” with the spirits of loved ones who inhabit the realm between this world and the next. Registered through rigorous testing by the town’s boards of directors, the 40 spiritualists of Lily Dale, who practice “mystical mediumship,” include: Anne Gehman, a well-known medium who often works with police forces and government agencies looking to solve crimes; Greta Lestock, whose father was a medium in Poland, although she did not start practicing spiritualism until she moved to Lily Dale; Gregory Kehn, who says he died three times in one week at age 11, and believes the spirits are always with us; Sherry Lee Calkins, who claims to have been able to see spirits since she was six, and whose two sisters are also mediums in Lily Dale; and internationally renowned visiting medium Michelle Whitedove, a medical intuitive who describes her gift as “a blessing and a curse.”

NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE visits this idyllic community, described by visitors and residents alike as a place with a concentration of energy, where every year more than 25,000 people come to find closure after the loss of a loved one. Among those featured in the film are: Ronald Holt, a Chicago police officer whose teenage son was an innocent victim in a gang shooting; Rebecca Fabricius, a young woman seeking answers about the mysterious death of her fiancé; and Debbie and Rom Hamernick, who hope to understand why Debbie’s recently deceased mother cut her out of her will.

While some visitors are skeptical, and remain so after their “readings,” they come for help in the healing process. Along with the inevitable tears, the town and its inhabitants usually evoke smiles and bring a profound, surprising sense of connection with the world beyond to its visitors. Whatever their story, each one leaves with a different view of Lily Dale.

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