Sunday, August 22, 2010

Woman Means Life: She Provides Water

Dedicated some time to read about the terrible in many societies fate of the women this morning, I found this video in one of the news sites.

I read about Muslim adult men in Gaza that marry 6-10 year old girls, I read about marriages and pregnancies of 13-year old girls in India and thought about incredible differencies between the cultures. I remembered the habits in the society in Caucasus where the woman is not allowed to enter the room if the men eat in it. There are many and many facts that all you know, and I don't want to repeate them here.

"Родник" А.Пластов

Yesterday, my mother told me that one of my cousins decided to conceive her first baby. She is 38. She was too busy with her carreer till now.

The video shows an other side of the existance of the woman. Not only she donates life to the person in very literally sense of the word. But her task is to put water in the house too. So, life is unpossible without her. She is LIFE.
How could humanity develop so that the woman is not seen as a human being?

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