Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Are They Really the Descendants of Yeti?

There are many legends about "snowman", yeti -there are differnt names for this fenomenon. I heard these legends for the first time when I lived in Caucasus and we, students of the linguistic university, began our courses of the touristic guides.

They spoke about subjects found at the beginnning of the XX century. Persons treated them very bad when they captured these beings.

On the picture from "Arguments and Facts" here is a yeti-woman, captrued by some hunters in Caucasus. Domesticated, she lived till the death in the village and had children. Actual residents of the village remember stories told by their relatives about the woman. Her son lived there till 1954 and there are different grandchildren now. You can see the photos in the posts: part 1, part 2, part 3). One scientist wanted to study this case and he collected everything about the woman and her discendants.

They say, those beings we hear the stories about are the Neanderthals. The other interesting conclusion scientists made about yetis is that they have highly developed part of the skull/brain responsible for the "paranormal" capacities of the persons. They are very sensitive and seem to be able to comunicate with telepatia. That is why they did not need a language. And they are very compassionate at the difference of the Cro-Magnons that are more agressive.

Believe you or not believe, it will be intersting for you to give a look on the photos.
The 3 part presents the reconstruction of the face of the son of that yeti-woman and the photo of the twins-sisters, daughters of the grandchild of yeti-woman.

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