Thursday, October 14, 2010

"What Will Happen to the World if We Leave Afganistan"

The title of this post I took from the magazine. After I've seen the photos, I thought, maybe they have some reasons to say so...

I write often about the destiny of the woman in our world in this blog and sometimes you do not approve me. Even I, myself, not always approve my posts if I think about it -from time to time. But when I see such testimonials, I change the idea and write about it once and once more.

Did you know that the husbands, boyfriends etc kill their ex-s every week in ITALY. The TV News tell about these cases every time, and noticed that they are too numerous, these cases. And they counted them. Maybe Italy is too little and every similar case is an event. But...

Look at these photos (click numbers over the photos to pass from one to other -you don't need the translation; if you want it, it's Russian)

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