Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Help Made the Difference!

All you know that I often partecipate on the campains to help somebody. I even can say, it's the main reason why all my blogs exist in all these years. It's not a bragging. I always try to help with my posts, with money. Some of you even argue with me because there are too many beggars in internet, and often it's difficult to distinguish between good people and those who wants to live on the neck of trustful bloggers. Well, these my friends are right too. But I try to help if I think it's about the right reason.

Unfortunately, those who organize the compains of help do not think to inform the partecipants about the results. In all these years I have only thank you comment from the organization that protects leopards. And it was a couple of back-mails from the funds where I personally sent money. Ah, no, I'm not right, many persons followed my links to the Baby-seals protection appeal and other humanistic and animal protection appeals -but I knew about them from my analytic program.

But this day is very happy. Very Very Happy. And I want to share the message with you because this letter is for YOU. Here it is:
Hi Liudmila

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for helping us this year with your post on Liudmila's Diary. The Fresh Air Fund was thrilled with all of the interest generated within the blogosphere for our Fresh Air children. We had close to 5000 volunteer host families open their home to a NYC child and 3000 children visited our camps. It was a great summer! Our Facebook Page continues to be a hub of activity for all things Fresh Air Fund. There are some excellent photos and videos we've posted along with photos from our host families. Please "like" us and it would be great if you could encourage your readers to do the same:

All of us at The Fresh Air Fund really appreciate your support. Together we can make sure these children have everything they need well in advance: camp counselors, host families, and plenty of resources!

Thank you so very much,


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