Sunday, December 05, 2010

Italian Folk Dances Alive: Tarantella

I wrote many times about folks dances here (Category Mysic and Dancing) but never mentioned Italian folk dances. I thought it would be not very good to avoid this argfument, specially because I found interesting things to show you.

The names of many Italian folk dances we know from the classic operas where the composers liked to add them. One of these names you will surely recognize: tarantella. I wrote about Italian folk music group that visited our excavations' site and decided to learn more about that strange instrument, zampogna (I'll write about this "research" in my next post). This way I found interesting videos with modern "natural" tarantella dancers. Look how brave is the second dancer here:

What is interesting in all these dances -watch once more if you did not notice it: the dancer can not touch a woman when dances. And look at them what are they doing around the females! The dream of every girl about her Prince Charming is something like this, women will agree with me. This "special" behaviour of the man that treats her with the most respect (in Medieval sense of the word) -I want you so much, I'm ready to do all the stupidities of the world for you, but I do not even touch you with a finger.  :0)

It's not my suppose or invention. When I learned waltzer, our teacher told us about this rule. In waltzer, the man has not to touch the nacked skin of his partner. Well, you will say it's not about the modern dancers. But if you've noticed, the poor man would look too much time to find a covered place in the modern clothes of the walzer dancers. And will lose the competition. This is the reason.

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