Friday, February 04, 2011

I Love Stalin

One of my friends in a Russian social network published this photo yesterday. The man is adult enough to understand the history and generally writes about the events in the country (he lives in Russia) that touched him. This photo he posted without any explanation "just to remember it"
(I think this has to be the place near the Wall of Kremlin in Moscow, on the photo).

I normally do not write about politics, you know. I think, those games are all premeditated and -what is "better"- the public characters are only marionettes.
Sometimes, it becomes surprising to observe the "movements" of those who really governs, like this recent case with Italian Premier who was catched by some "hidden" forces for about a year with culmination in December. I envy his power of the soul, you know. In the worse moments, he could rise his head and suddenly turn that fashinating man of about 15 years ago, when all the women of Italy loved him, and all the men had the hope THIS one can change the cource of the things.

Well, what about Stalin. I'm really amazed to see this photo. I'm too young to remember the history related to his government. The only memories about him are connected to my grandfather. He always chanted a kind of hymnus dedicated to the fallen soldiers and to "father" Stalin who guided them against the enemy (my grandfather was a soldier during the World War II, too).

One sister of my grandmother said me (when I asked her what is this phenomenon about the modern great nostalgy for Stalin) that after the war when everything was destroyed, when many men remaind killed on the battlefields, when the life was so impossible, Stalin adopted the politics to lower regularly the prices of the most important aliments. This way the population was always content.
Contrary to the actual situation when the real cost of the life in the years of euro -about 10 years?- rose many times? We were able to make our daily shopping with 5000 Lire =2,5 euro? before. Now, we need 15-20 euro a day. So, the cost of the life grew 10 times. Disel for the car 1 l was euro 0,824 at the moment of change -now 1,3.. something like this. No, not 10 times else.

What I want to say? All we know what means this constant growth of prices with the salary that does not grow. We become all depressed, nobody wants to do anything because we hardly can survive with the situation we live in, day after day. More we work lower is our level of life.

The politics of Stalin was very different in this sense. The persons were very happy that the war was finished, they knew, they have work hard to see their life better and better every day, the situation of the families better because they work hard. From other side, the criminals were punished and thought many times before they did something bad -summary in poor words. Better  and sure -the keywords.
And this was the source of their happiness, their love to Stalin, I think.
This memories, the older generation tells them to the younger and they dream about a "good governor".
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Подмосковье.Дом Отдыха. 1948 год.Работницы фабрики им.Клары Цеткин
«Подмосковье.Дом Отдыха. 1948 год.Работницы фабрики им.Клары Цеткин» на Яндекс.Фотках

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