Sunday, February 27, 2011

Journalists Killers or Consciousness Rising in Journalism

It's maybe normal for humanity, to look for mass crazinesses, and I'm not right when I accuse TV journalists to be conscious indirect killers, but I have the impression that it's the rude truth: the idea fix to appear in TV pushes the instable persons out to invent crimes that will go in the TV news -from one side. And the media shows around these tragedies are seen by other instable persons as the indulgence, permission for themselves to make similar crimes.

Just some minutes far I read an article written by a journalist how his consciousness rose after he became a journalist.

This morning, the TV news told that the body of the girl that disappeared some months ago was finally found in a river. It was the second case after the journalists created a real bedlam around an other killed girl where all the family (aunts, uncles and specially one of the cousins that dreamed all her life to become a TV star -now in a prison) partecipated very happily on the journalists' inquest. Later, one uncle confessed, he killed the girl, and today they say all those members of the family partecipated on the murder.

I'm sure, if there was not this "happy partecipation", the second girl would be alive.

No, it's not the first case. Years ago after an other TV show when one mother killed her child, there were many months when many other mothers killed their children. One of them drowned even 3 of them in a city lake.

Some time later, there were cases when big dogs killed people. It was the impression that all the big dogs of Italy became mad from one day to other. Every day one or more dogs like Rottweilers etc killed and killed persons. Than,

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