Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There is Not Spring Without Tulips

Spring 2010 was not happy for me. For different reasons. One of them was that I did not plant tulips in autumn. I did not think about it before, I noticed it only when I had not tulips in spring. Here, in this part of Italy, persons are not fans of this flower, probably, but for me, grown with this plant as the first sign of coming summer, more than spring, sincerely, tulips are a very important condition of wellbeing.

So, I planted some tulips in the vases in autumn and have some of them that just donate me their beauty, now. Unfortunatelly, worms or I do not know what else ate many plants in the vases.


You will maybe not believe me but there are many cactuses that have just flowers, too. It's the second year when they flower so early.


And here is the other sign of spring: cherries open their flowers. They are not the first. The plum tree was the first. But I did not photograph it.


Yes, spring began just, for plants and for animals. But not for humans. The weather is terrible. Winds and cold. (well, relatively...) The red sunset shows how few hope of good day we have... The only good notice is that there are not rains. These days.


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