Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Believe in Reincarnation? Here What you WILL be

It's a proven fact that after this life there is something more. Nobody knows what but even the physics, scientists, can shhow that THERE IS. Exists. I told you once about the researches in one of the Italian castles where 2 ghosts live. Different devises registeret a strange presence.

I do not discuss this fact today, it's very interesting but I just told you everything I knew. I have not new notices for today. In one forum I foound a link to a test that promises to tell you what existance will you have in the next reincarnation. It's a joke, clear, but maybe it will be interesting for you, so I will give you the link, too.

Here is what reincarnation expects me.

I will born as a parrot. ( ??? mmmm... beeee... mmm... I don't know why is this choice of animals: lion, bear In Buddhism, the realm of animals is decisely not the "better life" correct me if I mistake)

"You're not perfect, but you lead a better life than most. With a few changes now, your next life could be even better".
I agree. With all the problems I have, my life is not so bad. Hope, I can have something better next time .0))) A lottery winner, a private Pacific island owner, a princess of... something very very very, a chest or a cave with treasures founder... yes, to buy than a private island in Pacific and a little ship with a little "chelsy"

What would YOU like to be in the next life?
Oh, the link... Here it is "The Reincarnation Station"

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