Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Human Eye and Photo Camera

I had to visit Naples two times this week and took many photos there. We had sunny weather for some days but than the rain turned back and we sat at home all the Sunday. I wanted to go in Naples on Monday but had doubts I'll be able to walk for hours under the rain.

Monday morning was suddenly nice. I was really happy to allow me this walk and even had not a coat with me (the photo camera is just heavy, and I do not love bags: with the coat that one has take in the hands the photographing would be unpossible). I was right. The sun was shining brightly all the day. Many tourists in Naples weared t-shirts and even the shirts without arms. My husband began to laugh when he saw me: I was completely red (face and decollete). I have a white skin and do not go out under the sun without protection, but this was the very first sunny day this year...

And now I want to show you how was that sunny day on the photos when I saw them on my PC. The second photo I took about an hour later than the first. I could not believe my eyes, you know.My eyes DID NOT see the clouds! And the eyes of my husband, too.



Unfortunatelly, the happy walks without a coat were not the clever decision. The wind probably was cold that day and I cought a chill...

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