Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Become and Remain Aphrodite for ever?

No, this is not an other advertising, I will not tell you about the benefits of fitness, the great properties of a new miraculous cream -nothing similar.

The possibility I'll show you now will maintain your body young as Aphrodite forever. And "forever" means here for EVER. For millenniums. And maybe till the next Big Bang or humans will distroy our planet.

This recipe is very efficient and was in use from the beginning of the times. The antique Greeks did it. And Romans did it, too. And -what is the most important- it's the excellent solution for both men and women.

Here is a female example. The relatively old woman that had a great wish to remain young. She wanted to become Aphrodite.

Here is her young body. (I do not understand, sincerely, why she needed it? At this age she had to have the head on the shoulders...)

The man is not so old. Men generally do not live so much as the women. Someone said, they are not necessary from the point of view of the survival of the family. The grandmothers are much more useful. In any case, the men have to think about the eternity when they are younger, they have to be always ready. So, this man is about 30, I think. But he wants to remain in the memory as a Hero.

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