Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inspiration Comes from Friends

Years ago,, when I had not computer and internet, all the life was more creative. My husband bought a sewing machine for me, and I wanted to create different kinds of objects for the house and clothes for me.

Some time after it, the life changed and the prices changed, too. There were different serious problems in our family, and I had not time for the sewing etc. I did not have not only time but the wish to do something, too. So, my sewing machine and all the things I had for hand works waited in a far corner of the house.

Now, everybody has finally internet, and I found many persons I knew in different periods of my life there. Some of the girls asked me to create a site where they can meet and exchange secrets and knowledges for them.
I did it. They tell about different arts and recipes of their families, what they do to make the life of the family more beautiful and full there. And their inspiration affected me, too. I found some of my old "projects"and finished them. Here is one of them.

I wanted to make a table cover in satin stitch representing a branch, leaves and grapes of wine.


Now, I needed some things with lemons in a very dark room to lighten it. I had a tablecloth with lemons. So, I took part of it's picture snd cut it. Than I sew it on the old not finished table cover.


Here you can see the finished work. I did not want to add other applications because I had to put things on it.  And who knows (except you) that the branch and the leave are not from the lemon but from
 the wine?

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