Monday, May 23, 2011

The Most Important Day

San Pasquale (S.Paschal) is the most important Saint in our zone. He is the main protector. So, the day of San Pasquale is the most inportant feast here. It happens always on Sunday I don't know why. The other villages have their patronal feasts on fixed days and if it is a working day, everything is closed. San Pasquale happens always on Sunday.

The popular feast is in the village but they take the statues of S.Pasquale and Madonna of Constantinople in procession through all the streets. They begin probably with the most far of them 'and it's our street where the procession is not very big, the statues travel by car, the band does not want to play all the way.

Normally, the population waits for the procession near the street. They prepare tables with food and drinks, and the procession gathers money that attaches them to this big banner.

In the afternoon, when the procession neares the main street, the statues are transported by the believers on their shoulders. The families attach beautiful white sheets to their balconies if they have non married girls. All those wo have the name Pasquale have their feast, too.

 The main street of the village is closed. Children paint something dedicated to Madonna and S. Pasquale on the cover of the street and so, all the street is covered with paintings. There are bands and other entertainment in the street and the persons arrive from all the parts of the province to partecipate on the feast.

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