Monday, August 22, 2011

Romans Loved Luxury

Did you know that Roman Empire was destroyed because their citizens were too spoiled, loved luxury more than all other things in the human existance, did not make children more etc etc.

Oh yes, you knew about it. And you could surely hear many times in your life about opulent houses where the accessories were made from gold etc.. Ohhh, most of these notices about recent times in human history, I'm not right.

Now, I'll give you the prove of the opulence and luxury in Roman houses. This first photo is a leg of the Roman table. Well, nothing special, just to introduce the second photo... :-)))


This second is a Roman chair. According to the table near the object, it's an ostetric chair made from rock porphyry. I don't know, if the author of that table had ever seen an ostetric chair. As for me, this chair was used for other purposes. And it is astonished: how much the owner of the chair loved that part of his body. I'm sure, it was a man.
(Museum of Montecassino)


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