Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Masterpiece is Ready

You will remember probably that I wanted to add a yellow picture to my "yellow" room. I began to paint it about a month ago (or some more). I know, you are right, I'm not a painter. But there was something special in the idea to paint myself for the house. I bought colors and other necessary things in the supermarket (for children) -and the process of creating began.


I finished the picture but something was not right there. I sat for it and could not understand WHAT is missing here... At this moment, my husband turns home from job, looks at the picture: "Oh, you are a real artist!" (He thinks, I paint very well after he visited an exposition of the pictures of Picasso where I was a guide) "But you forgot to paint Basja here!"
The problem was solved suddenly: I forgot Basja!

Картина без названия

 The colors I  used to paint were water colors and I wanted to protect my picture from humidity and make so that I can clean it from dust, so I bought special spray to cover my picture with a coat of plastic... that "ate" some colors... I'm very sad but I had to control it before the use... It's my fault.

 Well, I have to make the borders else but the picture is just on the wall.

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