Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fatal Picture

Water Lilies is one of my favourite pictures. I like Impressionists very much -not only those most known. These pictures are ...mmm... so as I see the world, maybe. I have myopia from primary school years and do not remember how was the world in HD naturally, without glasses. That is how I explain this strange love.

If you would ask me what pictures I would call Art, I would answer everything classic, maybe, not pictures but generally. Classic period was perfect. And my brain enjoys it most than any other direction of art. But my emotional delight is sureely for Impressionists.

I read it somewhere that brain and heart are different universes. I completly agree with it. And this my case is the prove of it.

But the reason why I write about this picture is not to discuss the schools. I found interesting facts about this and some other pictures. They are ...fatal. They provoke terrible events, deaths and disasters.

Water Lilies are the cause of fire.
The first time it happend when Monet, finished this work, organized a party with his friends near it.
The first owner of the picture was a cabaret where the fire destroyed everything except the picture a month after the purchase.
Than, the picture buyed O. Schmidt whose house was burned a year after, and the fire began from the room where the picture was. The picture remained undamaged.
Next was the museum of modern arts in New York burned 4 months after they aquired it, too. The picture was seriously damaged that time.

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