Friday, February 24, 2012

A Mini Zoo in the Yard

We visited one interesting shop yesterday. The shop belongs to a family that created a business from a passion of all it's members. They liked poultry and began to sell chiks, first, and everything for pets, yard animals and garden, than. They have a room for parrots, a room for aquariums and many boxes for different species of poultry.

If you enter the parrots' room, you notice that there are different parrots that live free, not in the cages. They do not try to fly away, they are very calm. When you enter, an ara flys to you to greet you. They are not frightened, they are not agressive.  And they are content to live there. You understand that theses are domestic birds.

We know this shop many years. And we knew about a kind of zoo they had in the backyard. That zoo was the first they created. The shop came later. We asked a permission to visit that backyard and  discovered that they have a real zoo with the tickets there. But it was notr interesting for us. We wanted to see how the ducks live there. And here are the photos of that part of the yard.

The yard is about 20m large and they created a pool and a channel with a tree in a center of the area. With the net all around it.

I would like to have such garden, too...

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