Friday, March 16, 2012

Do you believe in Numerology?

I hope, I will not make so many mistakes this time as I did in my previous post because I want to tell you some interesting facts. I received them in a mail this evening. And even if I've just read about it, I was not ready for the conclusion. Here is the conent of the mail:

There are different interesting coincidences that concern events in the lives of eminent persons. Here are most known  of them   

                           Napoleon and Hitler     difference
birth                     1760               1889      129 years
comes to power    1804               1933      129        
both are 44 years old
enters Vienna        1812               1941       129
loses the war         1816               1945      129
both at the age of 56
both are 52 years old when they assault Russia

                               Lincoln and Kennedy
birth                        1818            1918      100 years
comes to power       1860            1960      100
both die on Friday, both were with their wives, both shots -in the head
Lincoln was killed in the Kennedy theater, Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln-car.
Both were from Sud, both democrats, both senators before they became presidents of the US
John Wilkes Booth (15 letters), killer of Lincoln, was born in 1839
Lee Harvey  Oswald (15 letters),killer of Kennedy, was born in 1939 (difference -100)
Booth, escaped from the teather, was catched in an attic.
Oswald, escaped from the attic, was catched in a theater.
Johnson, next after Lincoln president, was born in 1808
Johnson, next after Kennedy president, was born in 1908 (difference -100)

According to Numerology, if we presume that the universe has spiral development, next Napoleon/Hitler will be born in 2018. Most interesting is that the next Lincoln/Kennedy will be born in 2018, too. Next "Kennedy" will come to power in 2060 and next "Hitler" in 2062.

What do you think about Numerology?
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