Tuesday, March 06, 2012

How I Made Paper in a Medieval Workshop

There are many clever persons in this world and I was caught by some of them and sent to make paper in a dark wet vault. :-)))

Well, it was not exactly so in reality& I visited the museum of the paper in Amalfi but I was absilutely not ready that the boy who guided me through the museum will suddenly say me I have to take the sieve he had in the hands when he told me his story, now, and begin to gather paste of dusters in a vat

and begin to make my leaf of paper

The paste was to turn over the piece of thick felt so that the water can roll down from the paste. The felts, a great pile, goes than under the screw press

and they hang them as spaghetti on the line than. Once the paste is dry, it can be ironed, I think. It's made from dusters, or not?

There were many interesting things made with this kind of paper there, but they were too expensive for me: I do not take much money when I go for a walk. The prices began from about 9 euros. I would like to buy something, there were really interesting things -and a great collection of pens. I did not even see in that direction because I adore the pens. Next time I have to go there with tourists, I will surely buy one.

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