Sunday, July 01, 2012

We are only Copies of our Ancestors. Literally

Well, it's about the results of an 8 years long research of a group of scientists from "Am Hazikaron" Institute published this year. These scientists studied Hebrews family clans that live in all 5 continents (often they did not know one other and even did not hear about the existence of other relatives) and they, scientists, arrived to 800 years ago in search for the members of those families.

The results are ...astonished.

Members of the same families (in different places and times -even if they never heard about other family members) choosed
 -the same fields of activity (the professions can change with time but the fields were always the same)
-the same kind of partners.
Every family has a "favorite image" of a partner, and scientists found cases when wives of modern members of different families were "twins" of the wives members of that families had some generations before.
-members of the same families have their copies in different times and even in the same period but living in different places. They have the same characters, habits and psychological portraits.
-members of the same clan have identical destinies. It is true for very very distant relations, too. Members of one family tend  to have many children, other family tends to have great number of tragical deaths, one clan generates many extramarital children... etc etc

The impression is, said one of the researchers, that we are programmed to be a continuation of a substance that survives in time generating us as bearers of it's qualities.

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