Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot Night in Rome

 Life in Rome does not stop even in the late... in the first morning hours. As said, I had to accompany my clients everywhere to translate everything they needed, and so my working day began at the 8 in the morning and finished at 2 in the night. I have to confess, it was hard time for me. I normally go to bed at 22:00. 5 hours of sleep every night for a week were really a sacrifice. Last time I had such a timetable when I was 17 years old...

From the other side, I never was in Rome as a tourist. So, I had the possibility to see this city from another point of view.

Walking through the streets, we suddenly went in a little square closed inside the high houses. And it was the square of Fontana di Trevi.

I have not particular feelings for this city and, in fact, never had a great wish to visit it. But I have to confess: Rome is great. Great literally. Everything is enormous there. You feel to be an ant near those colossus: statues, monuments, buildings. This same sensation I had near this fountain - huge monument in a narrow "medieval" square.

I wanted to learn some more about it. Here are some words about it's story.

Fontana di Trevi is the most amazing and sensational fountain in Rome, the biggest built in the Baroque style. It is located where you will discover the well-famous Piazza di Trevi. The fountain is 20 meters large and 26 meters high. You can admire a massive central sculpture surrounded by a collection of Corinthian columns holding up a massive basement centered by the Clemente XII layer and crowned by a balustrade with four statues which represents the four seasons.

The fountain is named Trevi due to the fact the name "Trejo" means the thee roads finishing at this point; the crossroad is currently called Piazza dei Crociferi.

Emperor Agrippa ordered to position at that place one of many fountains of his aqueduct: three batches of ponds leaned in opposition to the near property. Soon after, around the VIII century, the aqueduct was changed by multiple modifications and the main consequence was that a little fountain - the Trevi one - became the aqueduct final named Acqua Vergine

From the three water sources, the central was manufactured of a container with lions around it, flowing water in the under situating pool. In 1562 Pope Pio IV thought to rebuild the existing link between the initial source and the aqueduct, by the end of the works in 1570 was opend in front of a large audience. The artist hired for the maintenance was Giacomo Della Porta.

The first fountain wasn't pleasant for Pope Clement XII and he ordered to Nicola Salvi to create a new fountain instead. Salvi began to work in 1732 and Giuseppe Pannini completed it in 1762.

An metropolitan story says if you turn your back to the fountain and throw a coin over your shoulder you will return to Rome sooner or later. Tourists throw 3,000 euros there everyday. The money is collected by city.

Suddenly, one of the girls near the fountain wanted to attract attention. She entered in the pool. All the persons began to cry and the police woman run to her in the same moment.

They say, there is a penality of euro 200 for such a game. I can't say how the story finished for this beauty. We continued our walk.
But I envied the girl: the weather is terrible all summer and I would love to walk with her in the water... 

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