Friday, August 17, 2012

A Little Pool For Our Ducks

This summer was dedicated to the creation of a pool for mandarina ducks we bought this spring. We have 3 ducks now: two males and one female. They are very very nice but did not want to make eggs. Who knows, why.

The problem is that the ducks need water to be happy.

As you can see, I bought them this little pool that contains about 150 l of water. And, to have a good natural environment, I ordered different special aquatic plants. Since the pool was just installed in the ducks' part of the henhouse, I thought to plant my aquatic plants in special bowls.

The bowls are on the terrace, and it was clear that there will grow mosquitos. So, I bought little fishes Gambusia which adore mosquitos to prevent malaria in the house. :-)))

The plants began to grow very well and I could transfer some of them in the pool of the ducks soon. The ducks... destroyed all the plants I put there to create a natural environment for them...

The water in the pool became rotten in a few days and we had to change it different times a week. Not so easy, I have to tell you. This situation was not good, clearly, so I had to buy a pomp with filter for very dirty pools to help us to solve the problem. It's a German pomp that does not consume too much energy but...

But the water becomes rotten at least once a week.

It's clear that the 150 l pool is not enough for 3 ducks.

Nothing to do, we had to think about a bigger pool. My husband wants to buy other 3 ducks, you know.

We began to create that new pool. Now, we act more smart. We bought a special, for pools, plastic towel and ...

...I put my aquatic plants from my nursery a week after the hole was ready...

Now, it became so:

There are many oxygenating plants but the water needs a pomp and a filter anyway. And it's impossible to have the elecricity always on... So, I had to buy a solar pomp with a fountain.

Here is the last view of the new pool...
There is a proverb in Russian: the woman had not troubles, so she bought a pig...

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