Sunday, August 05, 2012

Can we live in the same world with the animals?

My friend Angela lives in Sud Africa and here are the photos she send me some days ago. I think, she will not blame me for publishing of the photos.

I thought about specific conditions of every place of our planet. They write about the black bears that walk in the streets of a little town in Canada, I think. There are wolves and foxes in USA. And even other bigger animals near the national parks. There are seals and I don't know what else.

And only the old Europe remained "humans only". And if   an animal some bigger than a mouse happens in the streets, in the same moment arrive hunters to kill it. There was one bear in Italy who went in Germany. In Alps. He could not do some steps there and was killed.

I look the mountains around me. I tell the tourists about National park of Vesuvius. There is no one animal bigger than a fox here. Marten, hare, rabbit and raccoon. And I know about this last only because I've seen one of them dead on the road.

We like to see animals and speak about them, we spend who knows how much every year to go in the other  countries where the animals can still live together with humans. But we can't stand them where we live...

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