Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dragonflies of my Childhood's Memories

This summer I met the memories of my childhood.

When I was a little girl, we lived in Lithuania. There were forests and a river under our town situated on the high bank of it.

We, children, passed all our time near that river. In the places, where the forest was near the river, there were many romantic corners. There, you could see aquatic and paludal plants and flowers, there were little -and, maybe, not too little- fishes, too, since all the bank was always occupied by numerous fishers with their rods and spinnings.

And, there was very special smell, near the river. That smell, when I sniff it, awakes particular feelings in my soul. My heart contracts and I begin to look for SOMETHNG... And then I undertand that it's only the smell of the river I grew up nearby.

I loved to observe the life of the creatures that lived near the river. Among them, there were different kinds of dragonflies. They were a part of the river. Inseparable part of it.

Now, for 17 years, I live in the South of Italy. This place is hot. Too hot for my tastes. And this summer was particularly dry. Just in July, the shepherds began to burn the dry grass of the hills. There was not high wind maybe, so our poor hill was set on fire even two times this year.

I went for a walk with my "fille" to our "lake" and I told her how fortunate we are to have the possibility to stay near the water in this hot afternoon.

Suddenly, I saw it. A big dragonfly.It was flying here and there over our pond. If you look on the photo where is the fountain, you can see it - big and azure. I was excited. I did not see them for so long time! The feelings, the memories of my childhood rushed into my mind.

The dragonfly went away. Than turned back. It was not alone. They were two, than three, than more...
I was delighted to see them. Where came they from???

Then, I understood what were they doing there, near my "lake". They wanted to place their eggs! And there were real air battles over the pond.The battles for those two clumps of herb situating in a proper position. Who knows, how they choose the right one??? For me all the leaves were equal...

Sitting on a stone and observing them, absorbed by my memories, I forgot my "duties". We have a great herd of wild hens now. :-))) They do not want to recognize anybody and live absolutely for their own. Sometimes, we can't even see them: they are little and light and fly very well. So, they like to sit on the trees and, when you near the tree, you can see hens falling down from the crown...

Don't you think, it's strange that our memory has so surprising ways to turn us back to our origins?

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