Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is it possible to die for one letter?

Looking for news in internet, I noticed an announce of a site about suicides. The title was something like this: don't you know how to suicide? As a teacher I'm very contrary the provoking bad thoughts advertising. Persons are too strange today. It's enough to see something in TV and there are many persons who repeat any gesture.

The site despite my worse foresight was about the ways to prevent stress and suicide thoughts. It was nice. But the theme remembered me one story from the times of Stalin. There is not need to explain who was this character. Everybody knows that he was able to send thousands of persons in GULAG etc.

But one story was special.

One journalist was send on "executioner's block" for only ONE letter.

The journalist wrote an article about the achievements of the Soviet people building the light future and about the leading role of the Father of the Nation in reaching all the picks on this way. In the only word Stalin, there was a misprint: not t but r. The misprint however changed the meaning of the word completely. Not "Made from Iron" but something like Shittipants.

Stalin could not stand such an insult, and the journalist paid his misprint with his life. I don't think the man did that mistake consciously. And, it's possible that he even did not notice it. So, all we, bloggers, know how is easy the print one letter for an other. Specially, if we are distracted.
Well, we are fortunate that the times change and we live in an other period...

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