Friday, November 23, 2012

Love Story

Interesting in this life are the stories of sentient beings. There is not matter is it about the humans or other animals. We are equal in this sense. I practice "bird watching" in my hen house and, you can believe me, observe many more or less tragic destinies. Here is one of them.

We bought a couple of mandarin ducks this spring. There were two couples in the animal shop, and probably the shopkeeper gave us ducks from different pairs. The adaptation period was long and hard. The male did everything possible to create good relation but the female did not want to know anything about it. 

After some time she accepted his company but did not want to know about the family. So, we remained without ducklings this year. 

In summer, my husband suddenly bought an other male. He was sold for so little price... 

The old couple hit him all the time and we did not know what to do with them. In autumn, we bought a little female. The male-ducks began just to change their summer wear to nuptial suits. We were happy: now, the young duck will court the young female, and so all will be happy.

Unfortunately, the things go not so as we wanted.

The young male began to court the others male's wife. There was a long period when she did not know what to do with them. But at the end, she chose the young duck. This is more strong and aggressive. Now, these two occupy the pond and protect it. They do not allow all others enter in it. They sit on the border or swim. The second,old, male is always with them. Not accepted but dreaming to have back his "girl-friend".

My husband wants to move them in a new big open-air cage with my big beautiful pond that I did so much to create. That pond can't surely stand so many ducks and it will transform in dirty puddle...

But I wanted to tell you about the strange games of the destiny.
In the mean time, the young duck is allown...

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