Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Detective is my New Job

This expressway I've seen many and many times was not so as it was always before. It was different because I was driving and was alone in the car. Nothing bad - I became a very expert driver this year and, honestly, had to pass the "best" itineraries like Amalfitan Coast, Vesuvius, Naples...

This time the situation was different. I had to find an organization in a completely unknown town with only one-way directions. And the game was more interesting thanks to the forbidding weather conditions.

I found the place where to look for the organization I needed and imagined the direction - more or less. And - what a great fortune- I found it after not too much time. 

You would ask me: why, the hell, I go looking for who know which organizations in such places? You will never believe me, but I "play" a detective. God moves in a mysterious way, you know. I'm very VERY fare from any desire to become Sherlock Holmes or Nero Wolfe. It's my inability to say "No!" and the need to help sentient beings that takes me in all the disparate troubles.

So, what is it this time, you ask? A certain young man from Moscow contacted me by phone (where took he my number, I wanted to know????) and asked me to help him to find his fiance which fled in Italy from him, and he can't find her to say he is waiting for her and loves her...

Yes, a novel. He said, he has some bars and found this girl when she was 18 years old. A naive girl from an Ucrainian village near Chernobyl, she came in Moscow after she finished secondary school and wanted to work in one of his bars first, than they began to live together. And they lived in love and reciprocal respect for 7 years till -suddenly- she left him...

Yes, I understand now, too.

The problem was he sent me money and did not want to accept them back (I did not know where to send them since I knew only his name written in Russian). So, I said, I'll find this organization and it will be the last thing I do for you. 
Imagine that I had to listen to him every day for hours. He called me 2-3 times a day. I wanted to make him more calm and relaxed, trying to explain him that he is not right, first. But I'm not a psychologist. I'm not able to work this way every day for more than a week...

After hours I was making circles around this town (all the residents laughed and, I suspect, they indicated me the wrong ways especially), I finally found the expressway and a great commercial center near it. 

So, I decided to have a rest and to gift me something very beautiful (a warm woolen dress: I'm tired to wear always pants, I want to feel myself a woman). And, look, I found a clock I needed! So beautiful! And with Japanese clockwork!  

On my way home, in the dark and hard rain, I did not see a big truck entering the expressway.........
Well, fortunately, the driver had time and place to bypass me. That is why I can tell you this story personally.
But it was a very hard experience, you know.

I swear, I'll never do something like this more.

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