Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paranormal Cat

Something is wrong with the spirits in my house.

I normally respect spirits that live in the house and outside the house, too. Well, at least I try to respect them. No, I do not believe in spirits. Attention, it's not about the belief. I KNOW they exist, they live here and they  have to be respected if you want to have less obstacles in your life. It's clear and I do not discuss it.


You can easily control the existence of the spirits in your house: begin to respect them, begin to speak with them, begin to offer them what they like - and the life in your house will become less difficult.

It's easy to say: I do not see, do not hear, do not feel them, therefore they do not exist. Do you see many other things? Electricity? Your internal organs? Life in other countries? Means it they do not exist?

Now, I do not want to discuss it. I only want to tell you about a spirit that lives in my house.

This night, my stray cat decided she has to go out at 4 in the morning. She came to me to wake me up. I did not sleep at the moment: I don't know why. Could not sleep. So, when I heard she goes in my direction, I stopped to breath and did not move to betray her. With the hope, she decides to sleep, too. But this evil being is too sly. She jumped on me and began to tear the duvet with her claws. Nothing to do: I had to stand up and to open the door to allow her to go out.

In bed, I tried to sleep but was still woke up when something jumped on the duvet.
The duvet is made from a very noisy fabric and it's impossible to touch it without noise. But, in this case, I did not only hear the noise: I felt the weight of the cat's paw on my leg. Than, it took place to sleep...

I began to move my leg to disturb it. I know, it exists, but ...I have uncomfortable feeling, you know...

Who could it be? Our animals are died time ago, they can't remain here for so long period. Imir went ago after 6 month, Stassi remained here for a year... The last to die was Kotja but he died in 2011...

Interesting is that the cats can see and hear spirits. And this one does not show itself when Basja is in the house. I would like to understand, who is it and to help it to leave this world. I believe, spirits can't go away if they are not happy. I wanted to help this spirit of my house to go in the happy netherworld.

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