Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog?

This blog has more than 6 years. 6 years and 2 months, precisely. It's not a commercial blog and it has not other aims than tell about the events and things that were interesting for me.

This blog was important for me, you know. I met different friends from different countries here. Some of them closed their blogs and are in FB, others changed the "direction" and have commercial blogs now. Or simply do not blog more. I, myself, was very busy and did not have more time to visit others and even to write... and... I feel I'm alone here.

So, I decided to close my blogs.

I opened Blogger and looked at the statistics. There are about 100 views every day here.
I opened the page. I have 27 readers...
I wanted to know, who reads my blog? Maybe, you will not believe me but I've never seen statistics of this blog. So, I discovered that most visits come from Stumble Upon.

Ohhh... Stumble Upon... It was my first love in Internet. I liked to stumble it's sites randomly. I learned so many things there! It's still alive and is interesting - but I have not time to sit in internet for my pleasure more. I have to learn and I have to work...

I wanted to close my blogs today.
But I had not enough courage to do it...
Maybe I have to change my attitude towards blogging and blog so as I feel without trying to create "clever" articles, without trying to satisfy anybody? Without following advises of all those "illuminated" gurus? No, I did not follow them but the thought I don't blog so as it has to be ruined the pleasure of blogging for years - at least it was for me so...

I don't know.
I don't know if it's the last post here.
Maybe it's better to leave this question to the judgement of time.

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