Friday, May 15, 2009

The Short Life Of A Rose

I love these 2 photos of my roses, so I add them in every place I can. Unfortunatelly, the roses, flowers, have short life, and the spring flowering passes after some days. If you want to buy a rose you have to ask the vendor how many tumes the rose you want to buy flowers a year. Because there are roses that have only one flowering, 2 or many. It means, your rose will have a period of relax and that will flower the other time. And so till the autumn. Maybe it will have simple flowers the second and the next times.

All roses I have live in this order. But they need more and special fertilizers. And generally the roses need many cures.

I would like to live in a not so hot place where I could to grow many many different sorts of flowers. The place where I live actually is not good for most of them. Too hot and there is not enough soul for the roots. The poor roses have not forces to open their too big flowers like Coral Fiesta on the first photo that normally becomes old without opening the rose.


  1. You have a very beautiful garden! We have roses like this too in the highlands and you can dry them to preserve them.

  2. Maybe it's too wet for them there. Many illnesses of the roses come with humidity and wind.


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