Thursday, December 17, 2009

"The Bear"

Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

GREAT. I have not other words. Splendid film.


  1. I still can't imagine how they shoot this.

  2. I thought about it too. The animals seem to be real and the "expressions" are so incredibly clear. How could the cameraman do it?

  3. I have not been so moved by a short film in my life before. It does not matter that the sounds are fake and the sequence of events were 'edited' the result is beyond belief. Thank Liudmila for finding this and sharing.

  4. It's clear, corfubob, it's unpossible to find such a story in reality. But the cameraman is great, there is nothing to say. It's very difficult to take the expressions of the "faces" of the animals. Specially cats (I try it with ours).
    No, no, it's great work this film.


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