Monday, December 07, 2009

Killer Of The Palms

Долгоносики-заговорщики«Долгоносики-заговорщики» на Яндекс.Фотках

I looked among my photos and could not find it. A general view of the seafront palms of Salerno. Who could imagin this photo will be precious testimonial of it's previous beauty and splendor...

Most of that plalms in Salerno and in all the region do not exist more. The workers saw the poor rests of the palms all the autumn, their enormous trunks and leaves, and take them away. And all this because a little insect arrived in Campania.

I don't know if it is the same type of the weevils that you see on the photo, I know there are many species of them. But this one loves palms too much. Red weevil. What it makes with the palms you can see on my photo in the bottom. It distroys the leaf part (a palm in the background) and the palm dies. And so there are all dead palms everywhere you go today. Even here on our hill there are gardens with dead palms now. But the seafront of Salerno had too many of them and the disaster is more distinct.

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  1. Such a tiny creature easily destroy the giant palm.

  2. What is interesting, there are 2 sorts of palms there, Mediterranean and Phoenix dactylifera. These last are (were) very high, about 10 meters or more. Weevil ate ONLY Phoenix dactylifera.

    I have 2 of them too, I grow them from seeds. But they were fortunate this year. Hope, this insect will go away for next year...

  3. Beautiful... Wwww... I don't like insects. But today I found one mantis trying to find a good place for winter and ... only took photos of it...

  4. Such a shame, though I suspect there is a good reason as things evolve? Maybe something will grow that the insect can't kill?

  5. I read in local newspapers and heard in TV, the authorities think, these palms make a part of special fashion of this zone. They worked hard to kill the weevil in autumn (and probably all other insects and not insects too). It'0s very probably they will replace the dead palms with new palms of the same specie.


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