Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enjoy Your Coffee

A group of adult persons came to visit their old teacher. The pupils claimed their jobs, hard conditions of the existence and other problems that happen in the life.

Their teacher took the tea tray full of many different glasses in the room. Some of them were beautiful, some were very simple, others were from plastic. The pupils took the glasses and began to drink their coffee. Did you notice, the teacher said, everybody of you took a beautiful glass and nobody wanted to take glasses of bad quality. This is the main problem of all us. We want to have only the best for us. But the coffee in all these glasses is the same. It does not change, if the glass is beautiful or not. And some of these beautiful glasses even cover the look of the coffee that has very nice color.
The most happy persons often have not the most beautiful and expensive things. Glasses are only tools to contain the superb drink.
Enjoy your coffee.
The happiness is to enjoy what you have.

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