Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How To Be a Team Leader

For many years I did everything possible to change the expression of my face. Are you surprised? You have not to. I was a teacher before. I had to work even with the classes where there were till 40 pupils -and had to teach them, too. Believe me, it's not so easy to have them sitting calm. Imagine what was necessary to do, if I wanted them listen to me and learn what I teach them. Well, after years of this job I had specific look and behaviour.

I began to work as an educator when I was in the last classes of the high school, and I loved this job. But I had a teacher's expression of the face. Everybody who looked at my face said it to me. And when I finished to work as a teacher, I wanted to become "a normal" person.

With time I was able to change the situation, at least a little, but I noticed an other peculiarity that I do not like, generally. When I have relaxed face expression and behaviour, calm and happy, without worries, many persons perceive me as a subordinate being and treat me "unkindly".

From other side, I had incidents in my life, when persons with bad intentions left me go after I spoke with them "as a teacher".

What is a teacher? He/she is effective, recognized team leader. Strict and hard, knowing what and how to do, where to go, but he/she is loving us and making good to us person.

Many jobs today, specially those where you need virtual teams, presuppose you have characteristics of a team leader. That is why you have to know them and to educate yourself to be a leader. Ask yourself: how was my school teacher? What does my mother to manage me and my brothers/sisters? How were they? Why we have not doubts they are and have all rights to be our leaders?

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