Thursday, April 29, 2010

Great Astronnomy Discoveries in Milan

Most TV programs we watch are documentaries. Specially about the nature and animals. In the last period because I pass to much time near PC writing articles or learning, I did not noticed how my husband passed to astronomy documentaries. He never was interested in this things. Now, he began to ask me what planet is nearer to the Sun, what planet is after Mars, how many km are from one to other planet and where he has to find pictures of Sun system to print them. Once I shut my dropped jaw, I began to explain him what I remember and to show him how to find all this in PC.

That being told, I can pass to the story.

In Milan, we turn the first night in our hotel. Suddenly my friends call me:
-Come! Look here what an incredible astronomic effect is here today! 3 Moons!!!!!
I run to the window and see really 3 Moons in the night sky over our room.
-Ohhhhh!!!!! It's secially for us! It's the rare case when 2 planets are alined and visible together, my friends cry.
-Oh, no, they are 3!!! I cry. Near the biggest one there is a little third that moves around that big!!!! I have to take photos! I'll show them to my husband!
-Is it possible that nobody else than we could notice this unforgettable effect!!!!!!
(I leave this photo big to allow you to see the alined planets better here)

Here I made it clearer:

Next morning I am in the bath when I hear my friends laugh really loud as mad. Go out and see them laughing till the tears.
-What is happend? I ask.
-3 Moons!!!!! Ohhhh!!!! Ahhhh!!! 3 Moons!!! Come here, look! Ahahahaha!!!!
I look out from the window and see our "alined planets"...

The third was probably an airplain.

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