Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bikini or Not Bikini

Poor show-girls, top models etc etc! Everybody looks to find imperfections of their bodies, clothes, behaviour, every action and movement. They try to remain what they were many years ago, they, poor, can't even think to say something against media because those media give them their ratings and money. Probably. It's MY opinion.

The photos in my post are from the russian site "Свободная Пресса" where you can see all the collection. The notice is from "National Enquirer" that prepared the advises which from these actresses has not to wear bikini this year.

It's possible, you will say, I'm not right. The actresses HAVE to be beautiful. We want to see them so, as they were when we loved them. We can not accept that the time runs away for them too.

Could you explain me, why an adult woman that has 3-4 children has to remain with the body of 18-years old girl? And why her round body is not enough beautiful for the men-journalists of "National Enquirer"?

"She has cellulite." Well, what is wrong with it? All the women have it from the time they begin sexual relations, scientists say. So, it is the nature of the things. Why she has to wear yashmak?

"This one has to renounce on fried foods, that one has to forget about ice-creams."

As for me, the mass media have to be paid to educate us good. To pretend that others are so and so, these journalists have to reach those ideals themselves. If he or his wife are perfect on the beach -it's the reason to pretend others are too. Your wife CAN have her cellulite and the actress -not? Why? She likes her cellulite, her husband likes it too. Why have they listen to YOUR opinion? If someone comes in your family and says to you; I don't like the cellulite of your wife... What will you answer?
The other question is maybe more important for you, dear journalist.
If someone comes in your family and says: "Oh, boy, I like so much the cellulite of your wife!!!"
What will you think? Answer? Do?

Personally, I don't thinbk about cellulite or not cellulite. I like to swimm and I like bikini. It's enough for me. If you don't like, look in other direction.

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