Thursday, July 29, 2010

Woman: Femminism Awakes in Italy

"This collection is dedicated to the women that are proud to be women, that have magnetic fascination, that love to live now and that adopted the seductive stile of the clothes"

знойное  лето...Nice and charming introduction, don't you think? It's my translation from one italian site of the modern collection of clothes.
And here is a free summary of what TV news tell here, in Italy, in the next weeks:

There were 9 cases of murders of the women of different age (from 16 till 40) in the last 2 weeks (new cases were reported in the later news).
Men kill their girlfriends and wives mostly because they -not satisfyed with the relation- express the wish to leave the boyfriend/husband.

Once I told about the mass media that drive people with their excited notices about "extreem solutions" to repeate the experience.
Following by the media of a case when a mother killed her 5 years old son -probably mentally ill or in any case not satisfying the requests of the mother to the ideal child- conducted to 2 or 3 months of the continuous murders of the children by the mothers. One drowned 3 of them (from a newborn till 5 or 7 years old -I don't remember today) in a park-lake. Other mother killed her autistic 14-years old son.
Photo «знойное лето...» на Яндекс.Фотках"

In other situations was clear that the persons commit the delict to be mentioned in TV.

This time, it seems to arise changes in the Italian society that provoke agression of the men against women.

One of the girls from our Archeological group asked me:
-You lived in 2 societies -in that Soviet where women were independent, and in the Italian, where they live according to the medieval mentality when the woman is (it's MY definition) similar to the old chair that nobody cares about, completly dipendent from the man: what is better? There are many discussions about it in our ambience now and I wanted to know the opinion from the first hand.

So, as you see, they recognize the changes too, it's not only my opinion.

Sometimes I thought about the femminism that it is something not right, not good.
It happens often that they laugh about the actions of the femminists. Sometimes they tell about extreem manifestations like those in US when the woman wants to be absolutely equal to the man.

Девушки в форме

But behind all this there are victims of the period of the changes.
We don't think about it. And don't remember it.

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