Saturday, July 03, 2010

Best Advertising Ever

The last article about the achievements of the researchers I read was about the health of our brain. Everybody understands that it is bound to the quality of the food. The article says, Japanese cuisine is the most healthy in the world because they live till 87 -92 years and have excellent look even in the elder age.

But to maintain your brain healthy and to avoid degenerative changes and illnesses, you have to adopt culinary traditions of Italians. Fish, vegetables, olive oil and wine are good for cardiovascular and nervous systems, blood circulation and decrease the possibilities to gain those bad deseases.

Many times I wrote about the quality of aliments we buy in the shops and eat. During this weekend that I passed with my friends in the Alps, I understood what is really the quality of the food. Look at my photos.

There was a field near the house of my friends. It was covered with flowers that weekend. I was different times there but never in the period of the flowering. It was something absolutely incredible. I live on a hill, you know, and we have fields too. There are flowers all year long here. So, I'm accustomed to it. But here...


The quantity of species was unpossible to count. Flowers were big as normally hybrids are. I do not remember smells, maybe because I was too absorbed in watching, touching and listening the song of a brook. Or maybe because a bee stung me, and I had not a wish to smell. ;-)

All the next day we passed walking. There are many pathes for tourists there. I'll write about it in my travel blog. There were fields and flowers everywhere. And there were cows too.


We've seen how happy were the cows to go out for a walk and how happy they were to eat all these herbs. Mmmm... What a splendid breakfast! -thinks Mrs. Cow.


After that, I decided to buy some of the local sweeties to take them home and to eat foods and drink milk from these region when it will be possible for me.

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