Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video Cut by Invisible Entities

This post I had to dedicate to the entities that live around us but we are not able to see them -as I promised you in my previous post. I promised to add a video of the presentation of a book about some rituals in Nepal here, where it's (book's) author, antropologist Martino Nicoletti, told about his experiences during these rituals that he and his friend assisted.

Now, you will not believe me -because I myself can't believe it- that the video in my PC and in YouTube ... disappeared. Here what rests from it:

I could think that it was an error or somethng else but I watched it just before I registered it in YouTube and it was about 10 minutes long.

By the way, some years ago I posted here a video sent me from Kazakhstan about strange figures near a road. Those friends who reads my blog from that times will, probably, remember that post because it was relatively popular. Do you knw that that video does not exist too? I wanted to send it to one friend and found that post. But there is not video there. "This video does not exist" says the page. I thought, it can be, why not. Why have they (Google video) conserve so old files?

But today I'm ... I don't know really what to think about it.

Now I'll write some words about the spech of Martino how I remember it. I listened it 4-5 times. Unfortunatelly, I do not remember it well. I wanted to translate it at the moment when I'll write the post...

The ritual was practically a pilgrimage to wake up some spirits and to ask them something (I don't remember what). The monks produced different noises and even threw stones in cemeteries. After that, all the partecipants had visions and dreams to interpret. Martino told that the experience was very real and they felt that Entities. He told, it was something you would never believe if you would not experience it personally.

What can I say you more? I remember some other peculiarities from the speach of Martino but I don't want to offend those forses. Just that the video was cut, there was something that had not to be published. You could laugh about me but I take it seriously.

Next time I'll tell you about an experiment to influence the range of a site in internet that some ignorant persons carry out in June.

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