Friday, September 24, 2010

Paranormal Pictures's Authors

The third or the fourth post about paranormal events... It's a record for me. I've never wrote more than 1 at a time. But the information about them I receive every day and can't pass over in silence. Specially, because this time it's about a splendid picture of one of my favourite painters, M. A. Vrubel. You will agree with me after you will observe the picture attentively. I can't copy it so I give you the address to open in a new window
Thrown Down Demon

Oh, I found the picture and some others from "Demon"-series in Wikipedia.
This theme was very popular in that period: not only Russian writers and painters wanted to explore it but there were world known (actually) explorers like Nitzsche, too.

More Pictures of Vrubel you can see if you open this site.

What about paranormal here? They say (in the articles I read today) that there are pictures with "black" energy. Everybody who possesses them and even reproductions of them sufffer different and very grave problems. So, Vrubel, when worked on "Thrown Down Demon" (1902), had strange behaviour and, at the end, died in a madhouse (1910).

Everybody who owned "Hands Resist Him" by B. Stonehem undergo premature death. The picture "Crying Boy" by G. Bragolin and it's reproductions caused uncountable conflagrations in North England. By the way, the story of the creation of the picture is bad: the father liked to paint his son crying and tortured him to make the child cry. Both dead shortly after the picture was finished. Father -in  fire.

"Water-Lilie"s by C. Mone, they say, provoked fires too. The other picture-incendiary, old man with the streched hand (I did not found the name) is in the Royal museum in Edinburgh.

Gioconda provokes faint if someone looks at her for a long time. (?_!!!) There are many cases with famous persons too (Stendal).

A picture of Velasquez "The Rokeby Venus" is so terrible that even the museums did not want to have it in the exposition and it travelled from one museum to other.

Is it possible that the negative energy of the situation (Crying Boy) concentrates in a picture?
Is it possible that  the hand of the painter was guided by paranormal negative forces (Demon)?

Personally, I can't answer, it's clear. But it seems to me that something we do not understand, do not see, do not hear have to exist...

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