Thursday, December 30, 2010

Odysseus That Sailes 10 Years Round Sicily

Some days ago, one of my friends sent me a joke:
Odysseus wanted so much to turn home, but the bad Gods created him obstacles for 10 years. He said so to his wife when he finally came home, at least.
Yesterday, I watched a TV-program conducted by an archeologist, Valerio Massimo Manfredi (that wrote different really splendid fiction books about historical facts -I highly recommend to read them if you like history), where they told about the archeological discoveries that could confirm or deny, if such a king could really exist, and if the story told by Homer is true.

They analyzed the story told by Homer and designed the map of his (Odysseus') voyage. You will not believe me maybe, but the facts are these: Odysseus, after he left Troya to turn home with his 12 ships, made circles around Sicily for 10 years. Once, he even arrived to Ithaca: the sailors could see the island far on the horizon, but the bad Gods turned him back in the golf of Naples.

During this voyage, he first lives one year with an enchantress, lefts her because dreams to turn back to the wife, than finds an other woman, nymph Calypso, and remains with her for 7 years.

Now, tell me honestly: is the joke I mentioned at the beginning of the post not a truth????
And I believed, Odysseus was a heroe and an exemplar husband!

But the archeological discoveries confirm every word you can read in "Odyssey".

If you are interested to see with your eyes countries and places that Odysseus visited and where he lived, it's enough to book a Mediterranean cruise , sail Greece, Italy, North Africa and see them so, as Odysseus did.

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