Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grandy Frost and Santa Claus

Bear Wife began to write about Christmas and Santa Claus, and I thought about our, Russian, tradition. Our Grandy Frost is surely more beautiful and properly clothed in confront to S.Claus. Because I read, S.Claus comes from Irish or something like this tradition, I do not understand, why has he not a good fur coat.

C Новым Годом!
«C Новым Годом!» на Яндекс.Фотках

This (in the bottom) is a very beautiful old soviet film for children where you can see many pagan spirits inhabitated forests etc in the imagination of Russians (in the pagan times and in some cases today too -I'm an alive example ;-)). You don't need translation to understand the film, so I only tell you in poor words the story you see here.
The boy is looking for the girl he loves and has to fight bad forces to find her. The girl -too beautiful for the stepmother and her daughter- was left by her father, too week to say a word against the new wife, in the forest. Grandy Forest, patroling if all the beings in the forest feel good, finds the girl and takes her in his house to save her from the death. (later he organizes the marriage of both youngs and gives the girl rich dowry)

Hope, you enjoyed the fable.

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